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Kentucky Communities--Get Involved!


With thousands of spectators coming in 2010, Kentuckians have a unique opportunity to showcase all that makes the Bluegrass State a special place to call home!
Many communities are already making plans to give 2010 visitors a warm Kentucky welcome.  The World Games 2010 Foundation knows that each community throughout the Bluegrass knows what it does best, and we want to help you promote everything you have to offer!

There are many ways to showcase your community at the 2010 Games.  See below for guidelines to help your community get started:

•    Form a 2010 Games committee
o    Have representatives from all sectors of the community form a WEG committee to explore the best ways to showcase your community
o    Do your homework, research the event, know the demographics coming to your community so that you can develop services and products that cater to their needs
o    Determine what tourism opportunities you want to highlight and how you would like to showcase those opportunities

•    Showcase Your Community at Events on the Park Grounds
o    Make your community part of the “Kentucky Experience”  by contacting Cheryl Hatcher, Chief Marketing Officer, Department of Travel at (800) 225-8747
o    The “Kentucky Experience” is just that, an experience of Kentucky with an a multimedia presentation, exhibitions, Kentucky proud products and more

•    Plan an Event in Your Area
o    Showcase your hometown by organizing a community festival or activity that spotlights your local tourism destinations
o    Work with the contiguous communities to coordinate events to insure that the entire State benefits and guests get a flavor of all that is Kentucky
o    Some ideas already in the works include The Horse Heritage Days Festival in Grant County, and the Secretariat Festival in Bourbon County

•    Promote Your Community’s Activities to Spectators
o    An all-inclusive guide for activities across the state is in development. Please check the community forum often for more information on this opportunity!

•    Become a WEG Preferred City. Click here to learn more

•    Produce Unique Merchandise and Souvenirs for your community
o    Co-brand your community with the Games on merchandise through our vendor All Pro Championships, contact Jennifer Hood at (502) 267-7836 x22  e-mail
o    Can be used for promotional and fundraising purposes

•    Partner with Business and Community Groups in your area
o    Work with local businesses and community organizations to help promote your Games-related activities.

Most importantly, have fun!  The 2010 Games is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Kentucky to shine on the world’s stage.  We are very appreciative of the support from communities across the state, and know that everyone wins when Kentucky shines!

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